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Why you should go vertical

So you're thinking about purchasing your first vertical planter? Awesome!But you still harbor a few questions and doubts?Let us help alleviate that apprehension and answer those for you.First keep in mind that vertical planters are simply a container on the wall. When you are planting a floor container you take certain things in consideration.  With a standard floor/table container pot you: 1)  [...]

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The Nine Easiest Herbs to Grow Indoors

 When buying herbs for indoor growth, it’s best to purchase plants that haven’t already been growing outside. The shock of bringing them indoors can cause trauma and affect growth and production. Remember that winter is a natural resting phase for plants, so it’s unrealistic to expect abundant growth. Try minimal watering and let them do [...]

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Living Walls ~Backdrops~Bring Life to Art

Spring.We love the idea of it and what it brings. It conjures thoughts of sunny days with the smell of fresh air and flowers.It feels good to see plants growing and leaves on the trees appearing that will eventually create the shade we linger under. There are so many ways to cultivate our surrounding to provide mother natures embrace but none makes [...]

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Fairy (GroVert) Garden

The GroVert Living Wall Planter seems somewhat misunderstood. We all love the look of flowers & plants growing brightly and lush in a container on the deck, patio or in the home. It seems so simple and common place. But if you take a moment you will see that The GroVert too is simply a [...]

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How To Grow a Living Wall TV News Appearance with Shawna Coronado

Isn't it time for you to "Grow a Living Wall"?The popularity of Living Walls are undeniable. With the current demand for simple gardening in a hectic life vertical planters are on the rise. That is why we love The GroVert Living Wall Planter so much.We all want to have life growing around us.It adds : serenity of [...]

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The Plant Finder from NGA

Do you find yourself confused as to what kind of plant or flower you need or should use for indoors?Which kind of shade or full sun flower might benefit your home? Let alone not knowing how big it might get?Well here is a guide that could help you answer so  many of these questions.The National Garden Association is one [...]

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Think outside the Pot!

There was a time when you bought your flowers and plants to decorate your yard it was simply to add color and fill a container pot. It added a border to our landscape or brightened up a doorway. Now a days its not that we don't consider these things we're just not limited to them.  With our yards, patios and balconies [...]

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How to display The GroVert Mini

The GroVert Mini is one of Bright Green USA's little cuties.It was created with the simplicity in mind of the everyday container pot we use to fill with flowers and plants.In Bright Green's thinking that it would be a nice accessory to the The GroVert Frame Kit The Mini turns outto have many great attributes.Not only does The Mini look [...]

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Where do you get your inspiration?

What does it take for you to create something? For some it takes emotions, situations from a daily routine or a theme.This month we received a truly beautiful submission from one of our customers.        "Mindi" an art major back in college, whose motivation now lies dormant from the daily routine of family and life found inspiration from the theme of Valentine's Day.  Bringing Life To [...]

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The Difference Between the GroVert and GroVert MC

Q- What is the difference between                                    The GroVert                            and                                   The GroVert MC?As the technical director, I get this question a lot about the differences between our two GroVert planters. The GroVert MC is our first planter and original design that has been on the market for 10 years. It was created for commercial landscapers and [...]

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