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A Living Design Inspiration

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Living wall designs are awe inspiring. 

When you see a Living wall the first thought is how amazing it is. Then you think I want one! Only to walk away in doubt that you could ever have something so spectacular of your own

Well you can! 

Just ask Brooke Price, 24 yrs old living in Miami and is a Concierge at one of Miami's most environmentally thoughtful yet luxury hotels called 1 Hotel South Beach. 

Says Price "I own a house which I rent out and I live in a small efficiency in the back of the property. It's a tiny space but I wanted to see what I could do to absolutely maximize that space. I have done a complete renovation incorporating a peekaboo crystal frost glass wall for my bathroom, new porcelain grey wood-like tiles, and most noticeably an indoor plant wall. Just because we live in the city I don't think we should sacrifice our connection to nature and plant life so I find it very important to bring plants indoors. My goal was to create something no one would expect in my home, that filtered airborne toxins, increased oxygen, lowered the room temperature, and at the same time looked like a piece of art"

Brooke is one of the many people that are conscious of their environment and are doing their part to help improve ones living space by simply adding living, breathing life to ones domain. We at Bright Green commend such creative efforts and with Brooke's support have the good fortune to share it with you.

See how Brooke created an environment and a living work of art.




As told by Price:

"When selecting the plants I was looking for indoor low light plants that had a good variety and vibrant appearance.I got them from a new local nursery called A1A Midtown Garden Center in the new emerging Wynwood art district of Miami. She will be having a farmers market at her nursery soon and she is also interviewing for her social media. As is my contractor, it was his first time helping with a living wall. My design and placement of the plants had some to do with the varying light requirements of each plant species but more to do with looking natural and the feeling of comfort you get from lush plants hanging over you near a waterfall or grotto. It took me 5 hours to place all 480 plants in their planters. I chose GroVert because it was the only living plant wall planter that was small enough for 4" plants rather than large plant pockets I felt this planter was the best design which fit into place in a grid and was set up for drip irrigation. I am very pleased with the result and would recommend GroVert to anyone looking to do a living plant wall." ~Brooke






The results are spectacular and a great example of how you can have a GroVert Living Wall to your specifications. Thank you Brooke for sharing your vision with us and helping in the process of showing how the greening of our daily lives is simply "Bringing Life To Art".


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