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Beautiful Succulent Gate with the GroVert MC


It never ceases to amaze me the ingenuity of people and how 3 dimensionally

they see things. Daily I come across creations and designs in the vertical garden

industry but nothing compares to the individuals that make amazing something's

out of nothing. Just recently a photograph was posted on our facebook page of

such a creation.

How Craig Lauderdale saw in a walk way a vertical garden would be a mystery

to most. But he did!Craig's finished product was not only professional looking

but well thought out and engineered. He stood back, looked and wrapped his

brain around the concept and designed and installed a gate of succulents that

display them beautifully. Fortunately for Bright Green USA he shared the results

of his vision with us.

Initially when we saw the picture we asked Craig if he had done the work

himself, because it looked very professional?  His response was:

Craig Lauderdale

"Yes I was able to do it myself over a span of 3 weeks. Used 8 of the 20" x 20"

panels. Sourced the aluminum gate frame online and bought all the succulents

locally. Added wood to the gate frame and a membrane to seal, then hung

the panels. Installed a wheel caster to help when swinging it open as it is heavy.

The easiest part of it all was installing the GroVert panels as it took about 5

minutes to hang them!"


Confirming our goals of what we here at GroVert ~Bright Green USA have

strived for all along.To provide a product that is of great quality, simple to

use that enable beautiful results.

Thank you Craig for doing just that.

Bravo!! Well done.


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