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Bring your GroVert MC indoors!

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Vertical Planters have been around for some time and the evolution of design in wall planter has 

taken on a great perspective. It no longer is it just a container on the wall but a way to express 

living art not just outside but indoors as well. We hang them in the kitchen, living room, 

bedroom and office to bring some color and serenity. The benefits are in our favor especially 

when we use plant life that purifies the air or can be used in cooking and steeped in tea. 

The possibilities are limited only to your imagination. Here is one example of how you can 

create living art with a GroVert MC our 20 in x 20 in vertical planter. Being only a bit more than 

a couple inches deep with 45 cell openings you can design very detailed or variegated results.  

To Start:

Gather all the necessary supplies you will need. In this particular design we are adding colored 

moss and using Greening pins. We chose foliage that will adjust to indoor living so we can enjoy

it year round. Our potting soil has all the food, perlite and fertilizer already in it to assist in the 

assuring proper success in the care this winter. 



Fill the GroVert MC partially with potting soil. This helps in securing the plants in the pockets.



After you have laid out your design begin to plant at the bottom. This makes it easier to see what you are doing and will not damage the plants as you insert them.


After you have finished planting your design fill remaining openings with planting soil making 

sure it is packed well to assist in proper irrigation. Before you move on to the next step sightly 

water the plants and soil to aid in the soil compacting. 




Cover the exposed soil with moss using greening pins to hold it in place and prevent any loose 

soil from spilling out. Also cover the soil under the plants foliage as a safeguard in the house for 

the same reason. It also assists in keeping the soil evenly hydrated when indoors. 


                     Place pin to secure moss and press down till it no longer is visible.



By using 2 different color moss you can great depth and shapes of interest that can be visually 

interesting. Once completed leave on its back for 24 hours to allow for everything to settle in.        



A beautiful Living work of Art that can be enjoyed outdoors or in!


****Hanging your GroVert MC*****

When hanging your GroVert MC you need to take in consideration the size and the anticipated 

weight that will be on the wall. Always include the weight of the soil and the additional weight 

that comes when watered. Use proper hanging nails and devices and whenever possible screw 

brackets into studs for additional support. 

If you have any question be sure to contact us at sales@brightgreenusa.com or call ph# 877.632.5515


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