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Minnewashta Elementary School Living Peace Wall

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    Minnewashta Elementary School Mercedes Scott Spanish SPED Paraprofessional, her students and volunteers came together to build a "Living Peace Wall". It's not a wall to keep anything out or anything in. It is a wall that displays their creativity in design and care for plant life. Framed in chalkboard appropriate for any school enables the students to communicate their message and highlight the beautiful plants they chose to grow and nurture. Each grade designed a GroVert Frame Kit then was assembled together to show their beautiful handy work. 

Having plant life in your surroundings softens your environment but when in mass can have beneficial results. Living walls act as a natural air purification system by filtering out airborne contaminants, pumping out oxygen to revitalize the air and even regulating humidity levels, which has been shown to reduce the effects of the flu, according to research. Numerous studies have demonstrated that living walls have an overwhelmingly positive effect on building occupants by increasing productivity, improving air quality, reducing stress levels, improving cognitive function and even increasing creativity. So what better place for a living wall than in a school?

Perhaps we all should take a page from the Minnewashta Elementary School book and provide for ourselves a better environment that is also beautiful to look at.

Thank you Minnewashta.



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